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Case of Daniil Konstantinov

Потихонечку идут переводы и прибавляется материалов в английской Википедии.

Investigation 18 September 2013
Case of Daniil Konstantinov
The process is continuing in the Chertanovsk district court about nationalist and leader of the "League of Defense of Moscow" Daniil Konstantinov, who accused of murder.
This, in my opinion, the first process in which the authorities have decided to show to one of his political opponents completely false accusation of forcible (not economic) crime.

Daniil Konstantinov is accused that in the evening on December 3, at 19.20, in a subway at "Academician Yangel St." metro station together with five other accomplices because of suddenly arisen hostility killed an Alexey Temnikov. Temnikov and his friend Sofronov stood in transition, Konstantinov with friends approached to them, a fight was started, Temnikov killed, Sofronov wounded, all ran up.
I will tell at once: I don't see anything impossible that the person organizing protection of marches of nationalists, can kill somebody else somewhere in a subway. We can confirm phrases such as: "One day later, on 5 of December, he went to protest against falsification of elections therefore it couldn't kill on December 3 the person" — you cannot buy me.
The problem is that Daniil Konstantinov has a ferroconcrete alibi. At 19.20 it was on other end of Moscow, at Daykon restaurant, on Mira Avenue where together with the wife and parents he celebrated birthday of the mother Galina.
Konstantinov, along with his wife Marina went by car at six from his home in Altufevo and drove to the store "M-Video" at Krestovskogo bridge/ They bought a gift for mother steamer, and stopped for parents in Ostankino and took them to a restaurant on Prospekt Mira, where they were joined by friends of parents - elderly couple Oldenburg-lead film director and his wife, a music producer. There they remained until night.
It is true that for an hour before and after the crime, nobody called to Daniil, so billing can not prove that he was in the restaurant at 19.20. However an alibi of Konstantinov exhaustively proved by the following circumstances.
First, the time when the photographs were made. Daniil's mother took photos all birthday with a digital camera, and the camera can fix the time. However, the time was not correct because Galina Konstantinova bought this camera in Singapore three years before and she did not change anything in it.
Once I got into a similar situation: the camera took off at 4 am in the forest my car that. A driver, who were watched me while I took a photo, talked on the phone, and it was clear that the exact time of the snapshot will calculate phone. But the time in the camera was shot down, but I coped with the task within two minutes, using only such well-known arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction....
So: examination stated that set the time is not possible and more over the investigator lost a camera at all. You can argue that I knew that the time on my camera is not change after the shooting, but the other people do not understand it. My answer: the camera has gigabytes other pictures, which can help you to calculate the amendment.
Secondly, Daniil confirmed alibi because he saved the check from the store to MaxMara before the murder. Check is here, steamer is also here, and the cashier identified as Daniil's wife Woman who bought a steamer but she did not remember Daniil. She only remembered that a young man was with woman.
That is, apparently, we can imagine that Daniil's wife came into the store, bought a steamer and took her as a birthday gift for my mother of Daniil in the company of his friend. And Daniil went to kill Temnikov random fight.
Third, Daniil confirmed alibi that he booked a table in the "Daikon" restaurant. (December 3, Ilya, 19.00, 6 pers.) And the testimony of an elderly couple Oldenburg-lead that he really spent the entire evening in the restaurant with his parents and wife. It's hard to imagine a situation in which these two elderly people will commit perjury in a criminal case.
Fourth, at Daniil's birthday party did not call and did not respond to calls. But at 20.00 he showed his mother how to go with the iPhone on the Internet. Place where he did it, easy to install, but the investigation refused to do so.
Another point. Route Altufevo - Mira - Ostankino - Mira is not so great, but it is, of course, the machine Daniil had to get under the camera system "Flow". The record contains information that "Flow" nothing spotted. The fact that the "flow" not spotted this machine and Academic Yangelya that in view of the further will be very important. My personal opinion is that the car could get under "flow" and it was possible to recognize, but the investigation was not to look closely, because it gave an alibi for Daniil . Relative to all other cameras - at the restaurant, etc. - just say that because Daniil was arrested more than three months after the murder, the records have already been erased. "Flow" - is the only system on the record that could have been expected.
According to the body of evidence for me is quite obvious that Daniil Konstantinov December 3 at about 18:00 left with his wife out of the house, bought as a gift for parents steamer and spent the evening at a restaurant in the company of their friends and their elderly. He was not on the street Academic Yangelya
But that's not all. Now let us turn to the very murder.

Murder on Yangelya
Profession of the deceased Temnikova difficult to determine: at the time of the murder, he was out of work. As for his friend Sofronova, in his profession no doubt. The idea of ​​it gives a description of just one working week Alexei Sofronova kindly compiled Vachskim People's Court of the Nizhny Novgorod region July 13, 2012.
March 14 - theft committed with illegal penetration into dwelling. March 15 - theft committed with illegal penetration into dwelling. March 16 - burglary, March 17 - burglary, March 25 - burglary, March 26 - burglary, March 27 - Two burglary, March 28 - two more theft. Some break in the shock work between 17 and 25 March linked precisely to the fact that at that time was occupied Sofronov: March 22, was arrested Konstantinov and Sofronov traveled to Moscow to recognize it.
In other words, the work Sofronova - thief. Temnikov at the time of the meeting - he dad not have a job, and, according to Sofronova, they met because Sofronov wanted to help him with the work. The day before the murder Temnikov seriously fought, it is recorded in the case. Sofronov obviously should know who - but does not speak.
So, in the evening on December 3 professional criminal Sofronov came out of his house on the street Gazoprovod and went to the metro station "Street. Academician Yangelya ", where he met with Temnikova.
That is, pay attention! Sofronov and Temnikov did not go on the subway and walked out of the subway. They just stood in the underpass and something - or someone - waited. And they are waited very long time. At 19.20 the bum was there and he said that there was six people, and immediately they started a fight. Temnikov ran in one direction, Sofronov - in another.
Somebody stabbed Temnikova and wounded Sofronova. Sofronov did not call the police. He was forced to give evidence because the police arrived on the scene. The next day at the investigator's question: "Who was fighting?" - A professional criminal Sofronov said he did not know, the question "Why?" - Sofronov said that they were approached by a company of six people, one of whom immediately Temnikova spat on the jacket, and then the fight started.
I personally (and I think anyone even slightly versed operative) it is clear that Sofronov lying. In Russia, of course, a high level of aggressiveness, Zadran in transit can easily, but that's because, without words, without "Give me a cigarette," without harassment to the girl - and spit directly and kill w knives? Does not happen.
"I did not know of them, they just went up, and drew their knives spat" - it's ridiculous. This testimony of professional criminals who knows who and what fight, but realizes that if he will name the killer, then sit myself, because the reason the fight is likely to be related to professional activities affected (and perhaps with fight that occurred the day before). And since, without naming the killers, urgently needed to invent a reason, was born here this amazing: spit.
Spitting, by the way, has never been found. Jacket Temnikova investigated up and down, looking at her DNA Konstantinova (spit same), but did not find not only spit Konstantinova, but generally no spitting. There was spitting: Sofronov lied.
What Sofronov lied confirmed by two circumstances. First, the company has not got killers on the camera in the subway, and after the assassination lost in local garages: the dog took the trail. Killer did not come on the subway and not left on the subway.
In other words, it is likely there were local boys, who, like Temnikov with Sofronov, came to subway "arrow". Probably on the "arrow" with Temnikova and Sofronov. Obviously, they had to call up and negotiate.
Check out this version is simple: it is enough to take the phone and Temnikova Sofronova and view billing. And here we will have - oops! - Surprise. We were Temnikova pocket phone and camera, but they were gone. Consequence of their lost. A Sofronov said that he no phone. In his first testimony shows amazing detail: Sofronov shows that before the meeting he called on the home phone Temnikova who remembers from his home number, which also does not remember.
This circumstance, which, again, for any opera is a red light: "This man is lying and lying, because it will expose the phone." And the first thing you should do to solve the crime - is to check billing victims. Actions of the local police in this story can be explained only transcendent unprofessional: Well, stabbed and killed. Do not want to talk - and do not let this only gopota cuts each other. What soared?

Who else is five?
And finally, the third.
As already noticed reader Konstantinov cut Sofronova and Temnikova not only one, but in the company of five friends.
That is, according to the investigation, the following happened. Konstantinov went birthday parents with his wife, bought a steamer, took them to a restaurant, after which the mother Konstantinova to create an alibi, changed the time on the camera, took photos with him several times and changed the time back.
Thereafter Konstantinov teleported on the street Academician Yangelya (he is teleported, because, I remind he was not in the subway, and his car is not spotted), where he killed Temnikova during random quarrel, and again teleported back to the restaurant.
But, sorry, he did not do it alone, but with five accomplices! And they had to somehow call up! Telephone Konstantinova two and a half hour was in silent, but it is clear that if six people want to meet, they called everybody.
Before six of us get together and during a random quarrel kill a man on the street Academician Yangelya - they did not doubt. And no one was on Yangelya. And during the murder he called from other places. Sofronov constantly confused about appearances of the killer.

I am profoundly convinced that the case was fabricated Daniil Konstantinov from beginning to end . Moreover, I can even suggest a mechanism fabrication .
December 5, 2011 Daniil Konstantinov , who , remember, was not just a nationalist, but a man who authorities believe , had on hand a team capable of decisive action - was detained at a rally against election fraud . Somebody apparently offered to cooperate with him but he refused .
Then they took the summary times in the last days in Moscow and began to look for someone you can stick Konstantinov . There was a murder on Yangelya phone Konstantinov was silent at this time . Hooray ! No alibi .
After that forgers waited three months ( to record erased camcorders that at present there is everywhere), and 22 March Konstantinova arrested. And as the forgers were also lazy and unprofessional , it is nothing other than the billing , they are not checked , and the fact that Konstantinov can prove that he was at the bottom of the birth mother - was a surprise .
The most important thing in this story is this.
Despite the deep conviction marginal part of our intellectuals that we live in a terrible country where the bloody regime accuses innocent Chechen boys in the murder of Anna Politkovskaya , and Tikhonov and Khasis innocent of the murder of Markelov and Baburova - this mode falsifies criminal cases with a political tinge serious Crimes rare. Inflate drunken chatter and Udaltsov Targamadze before the criminal case - yes .
But to take the corpse , found on the street. Academician Yangelya and hang it on the stupid person who at the time an hour away from the corpse was celebrating a birthday parents - a new story. Unfortunately , its originality is not very clear to the people who used to shout : "Wolves ," " Wolves ! " And for 15 years as they live in a dream world where Putin blew up the house and personally planted Farber .
P.S. As soon as I turned to her father Daniil, he immediately sent me the case file , which have usually a very important indirect sign . In the near future he will post them on the Internet.

а также материалы на английском языке в Википедии

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